Need to Sell Your House Fast in Sacramento, CA?

Nor Cal Real Estate Investing is a Premier Sacramento Home Buyer that buys houses for cash in as little as 7 days.

Let Us make you a competitive, no obligation cash offer to buy your house “as is”, so you can sell your house fast in Sacramento without the hassle of making repairs, staging, and showings. 



How Do We Buy Houses?

Any Condition

We buy new or old houses in as-is condition! No matter what condition it’s in, we’ll make you an offer.

Any Price Range

We buy properties in all price ranges, whether its 100k or 1 Million.

Any Location

We buy houses in Sacramento or Northern California

Our Promise To You

Core Values

Honesty & Integrity

We work transparently with homeowners throughout the entire process. We’ve bought many houses, and for a good reason – people trust and believe in us.


Our goal is to make every transaction as easy and Convenient as possible for you, so you don’t have to stress about selling.

Competitive Offer

Every Homeowner gets a competitive cash offer, so you don’t have to worry about financing falling through.

How Do We Determine The Value of Your House?

Your Homes Unique Features

Tell Us about what makes your home unique and we’ll use your input to make you a more precise offer.

Neighborhood Comparisons

We look at similar, recently sold comparables in your neighborhood to help determine the value

Market Trends

As Real Estate Professionals, we use local real estate market data and trends as one of the factors for our offer.

How Our Process Works

Sell Your House quickly and easily with our simple 3 step process


Contact Us

​​Enter your information in the contact form or call us for an evaluation.


Set up an appointment for a free consultation and home evaluation.


Close on your timeline and get paid within a few days

Reasons why someone might be forced to sell their home.

  • behind on payments
  • bankruptcy no equity/short-sale
  • owe taxes     
  • bad tenants relocation
  • inheritance
  • probate code violations
  • Pre-foreclosure
  • needs repairs disabilities
sell my house fast in Sacramento

How can I sell my home fast?

Go from: ” I need to sell my house fast in Sacramento” to cash in hand in as little as 7 days

Life can throw many unexpected challenges at us that can lead to selling a house. Sometimes this can be something good, like an amazing new job opportunity in another state. Other times it can be the loss of a loved one that leaves you with inherited property.

One our specialties is helping people in distressed situations such as foreclosure, bankruptcy, or the probate process. 

No matter what the situation is, Nor Cal REI has found solutions to hundreds of different real estate challenges that has helped homeowners move on to the next chapter of their life.

Other times, we’ve worked with many homeowners who just don’t have the time, energy or patience to sell traditionally.

Selling your house to a cash buyer like Nor Cal Real Estate Investing is one of the most convenient and quickest ways to sell a house because we don’t use loans to buy houses. This means you don’t have to worry about an offer falling through because of inspection issues or credit problems that a traditional buyer might have.

A simple walkthrough of the property is all it takes for us to determine how much we can pay for your house. Other times, we’ve been able to make an offer on properties site unseen when there is no way to enter the house.

We Are Local Home Buyers In Sacramento, CA

When looking to sell a home to a real estate investor, you’re going to need to find someone who understands the local market in order to make you the highest cash offer. Many other house buying companies buy nationwide so they don’t really study the local market like we do, which can sometimes lead to really lowball offers. 

We are constantly making offers on local properties and do in depth market research on the Sacramento real estate market to give our sellers the highest offer.

Our goal isn’t to just buy your house, we want to make sure you walk away knowing that something in your life has changed for the better. That’s why we work to make every offer solution based. What does that mean? For example, a homeowner might need a moving company to help them with a move or more time to find a new place to move to. We make sure to include these things in our offers whenever it is needed to make it even better for the homeowner.

Every home we buy is paid for in cash and usually closed on within 2 weeks or less. We do this to make the process of selling your home in Sacramento as hassle free as possible. 

What Solutions Do We Offer for Sacramento homeowners?

When you call or fill out our online form to tell us a little bit about your property, We look over the situation for possible solutions to the property and go over a few options with you.

If the property needs work or the you are short on time, we will recommend that you  through Nor Cal Real Estate Investing.

It may be the perfect option for homeowners who are looking to sell their house as-is without agent commissions.

Unlike many house buying companies, We won’t pressure you into selling your property to us or try to push anything on you. We simply give you the information you need to know to make the right decision. If you decide you’d like to sell, we’ll work with you to get a win-win outcome for both sides.

An image about a real estate consultant in Sacramento

How do our real estate consultations work?

 1. When someone gives us a call, we usually try to get to know them a little better so we can get an idea of who we are working with. At this point, we answer questions that you  have and getter a better feel of the situation. 

Other times we may just do some research on a property and send you an offer directly to your email.

2. Once we have some information, We may tell you what your options are right there and then. Sometimes, if it’s a complex situation, our dedicated team will do some more research on the property to see how we can help.

 3. Nor Cal Real Estate Investing will then contact you to let you know exactly what you need to know about your situation and what your options are.

We will also provide you with an offer, the terms of that offer, and exactly what you can expect during the closing process. If you agree to our offer, we will set up a time to meet you and finalize the deal.

Our Team

Nor Cal Real Estate Investing is a team of effective, well connected, highly trained property professionals.  We have over 50 collective years in this business locally and have the tools and resources available to navigate any situation.  We have helped hundreds of families improve their situations. There is no situation we can’t handle!

real estate

We are:

  • Licensed Real Estate Professionals
  • Experienced Real Estate Investors
  • Real Estate Consultants
  • Licensed Contractors
  • Licensed Lenders
  • Trained Administrative Assistants
  • Licensed Legal Counsel / Real Estate Attorneys
  • Creative Minded Individuals and
  • Problem Solvers
  • Family Minded and Value Centric
  • Artists and Musicians
  • Compassionate, Empathetic and Caring

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